Personalized Letter From Santa & The North Pole Gnomes Children's Book

How would you like to make this Christmas one that your child will never forget? Imagine your child's excitement when he or she opens the mailbox and finds a Personalized Letter From Santa addressed to them from Santa Claus himself! Since your child has been so good this year, Santa wants to congratulate them on all of their accomplishments and talk to them about their Christmas list! Santa also wants to remind them to make sure they know what they need to work on this year to stay of the Nice List! Your child will also be introduced to Santa's new helpers, The North Pole Gnomes! Santa and the elves are preparing for another magical Christmas, but they soon notice strange happenings at the North Pole. Who left the reindeer stable doors open? Why are the toys out of place? Can you help Santa figure out who is behind the mysterious mischief? Learn how Santa, the elves and the rest of the North Pole discover a new friendship with the mischievous North Pole Gnomes. Give your child a magical gift this year that they will talk about for years!
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