Personalized Letter From Santa


***PLEASE NOTE: If you are shipping to multiple addresses, each item must be ordered separately at checkout***

This one of a kind Personalized Letter From Santa is Guaranteed to Make Your Child's Christmas one that they will Never Forget! Each Letter arrives addressed to a Special Child in your life directly from the North Pole in a Special Santa Envelope. Each letter has 10 customizable fields to make it as personal and magical as possible for your child. Fill in the custom fields with your desired information, and the information that you provide will reflect in the letter in the fields in parentheses.

Please include your child's full mailing address. THIS is the address where the letter will be mailed as sometimes kiddos do not live with the purchaser!
What has your child accomplished this year? Please limit to 3 items.
What is your child hoping to get for Christmas this year? Please limit to 3 items.
What is something you would like Santa to remind your child to work on or do better at? Please limit to one item.
Please include the name of a friend/cousin/sibling of your child. The letter will read, "Please tell ______ that (he/she) is on my nice list this year!"